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Tax: that thing again

Done. So much for just an hour to do – five hours later, but still, done now.

Life Tips

Tips to live by. Seems a pretty good list.

Skateboarding Dog

Film taken by A.  I taught my dog to skateboard when I was a kid…. she’d go up and down – but I don’t think she was ever as good as this little dog we saw at the weekend.

Waiting for the big melt now

Sandy and I tried to walk to the pet shop this morning, but she couldn’t make it – she started lifting her paws up one at a time – as much as she loves the snow it was just too cold.  I lifted her up and started to walk, managed about five steps and thought this isn’t going to work.  I looked at the passing cars…as though some kindly soul would stop and help us… then was brought back to the real world by the sight of a bus, we grabbed it and went back home. Wrapped up in a blanket with a hot water bottle she waited patiently whilst I cooked up what was going to be my dinner.  I think I might have to attempt to shovel some snow, and get the car out.

Iron Deficient Anaemia

BBC iPlayer – Case Notes: Iron Deficient Anaemia.


Another year – done! Happy, relieved…


Have been on some lovely walks recently, enjoying the end of summer.  The New Forest and another one from Arundel to the sea and then walking along the beach to Littlehampton – wonderful.

All things

Buried this poor bird today. Found it on the driveway this morning, it was perfect, like it just fell out of the sky, which is what it must have done.

Richmond Park 3 or why I love the park

Richmond Park fight against car park charges

Getting on

Took Sandy for a walk at the weekend and she fell, tripped, I didn’t see, down a ditch… poor thing got stuck and was shaking.  Seems OK now, but one of her back legs seems to be weaker than the other one.

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