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London film festival

Could be what gets me back blogging?


Southbank, originally uploaded by Frizzworld.

London Travel

According to this article my travelcard is going up by 15.87% – how is that allowable?

Boris Johnson’s massive stealth fare rises: One Day Travelcards to rise by up to 74 per cent


Local activist week: lots of emails, fliers, and rally in Richmond Park. Even had to speak to a journalist, but that was about something completely different.

Chord Project

This was a while ago now, but life took over for a bit. Went to see this art project which was in the depths of an old tram underground station. The Art wasn’t so interesting, but the underground station and tunnel were fascinating – never thought about them still existing.

Selfridges & Co

20% off voucher until Sunday – Selfridges & Co. Go have fun!


the Art type. Art not so hot – people watching great fun. Some amazing outfits and labels being worn. So many Macs and only two PCs spotted. Oh and lots of white iphones.


Finding the unexpected

Was walking along and the people sitting outside in this alleyway caught my eye.  Had a stroll down to see what was there and found this completely unexpected restaurant.

One & Other

Watching One & Other – in a moment of weakness I applied to go on the fourth Plinth… here’s hoping I don’t get picked!  I think you have to have something to do, at the least a book to read.  At the moment I’m watching someone with nothing to do, it’s quite interesting watching, but it doesn’t look much fun for her.

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