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I’m sure I was there…

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Glastonbury 2011

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The passing of time

Just saw Nanci Griffith at Shepherds Bush -I just kept looking around and smiling – I have been waiting to see her there for years and years.  Was a fantastic gig – apart from the ending, which was odd-too many songs that she didn’t write – Nanci we love your songs! I first saw her […]


Great fun having a sing a long last night with the Indigo Girls… they didn’t actually need to be there for some songs. A band would have been good. Recession? Still was good fun. And I got the very last stalls ticket for Nancy Griffith next year… more nostalgia. Been waiting to see her at […]

Spotify: A world of music.

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Glastonbury 2009

Heard Michael Jackson was dead from a security guard at the gate to Trash City. Still haven’t quite processed it yet… Read that Farrah Fawcett had died in the Guardian tent the next day.  RIP. This year Neil Young was the man, he sure can play the guitar. Bruce Springsteen was not far behind though, […]

Weather – crossing fingers

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