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Dear Photograph

I love this:


Southbank, originally uploaded by Frizzworld.


Moore, originally uploaded by Frizzworld.

Hatfield House.




There was a queue when we arrived, but by the time I’d finished it had gone. I still get a kick out of voting and even got nervous as I turned the corner and saw the polling stations. I had a bit of a panic voting for the local people, rather hard when you don’t know who everyone is – I should have known. Sandy and I walked and she met a fan as we were queuing. All very sociable.

Hannah Peschar Garden

Hannah Peschar Garden
Went here with D at the end of October – it’s one of those secret places that you can’t believe exists.

Chord Project

This was a while ago now, but life took over for a bit. Went to see this art project which was in the depths of an old tram underground station. The Art wasn’t so interesting, but the underground station and tunnel were fascinating – never thought about them still existing.



Have been on some lovely walks recently, enjoying the end of summer.  The New Forest and another one from Arundel to the sea and then walking along the beach to Littlehampton – wonderful.

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