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Dear Photograph

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There was a queue when we arrived, but by the time I’d finished it had gone. I still get a kick out of voting and even got nervous as I turned the corner and saw the polling stations. I had a bit of a panic voting for the local people, rather hard when you don’t […]


Local activist week: lots of emails, fliers, and rally in Richmond Park. Even had to speak to a journalist, but that was about something completely different. [ fake generic viagra | female viagra cream | viagra samples | buy cheap viagra online uk | how can i make homemade viagra | when will viagra be […]

The power of pink

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I went to the Early Learning Centre last week to buy a present – some stacking cups for my Baby Niece.  I was shocked that they no longer came in one option, but three.  There were pink ones with a baby girl on the packaging, blue ones with a baby boy on the packaging and […]

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is a website by the Environmental Working Group – go and check out what’s really in the products you are using.  This is a bit scary/shocking.  Also check out their sunscreen test.  If the product you are using isn’t there, you can add it.  Warning though, this will make you think twice about […]

Mouthwash: cancer?

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Twitter power

The good people on Twitter and Facebook today skewed the Daily Mail poll which unbelievably asked, “Should the NHS allow gipsies to jump the queue?”  The poll was removed at 93% Yes vs. 7% No.  It actually makes quite a good game – vote the opposite to how the question leads you. [ viagra 100 […]

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Went to a talk yesterday where this video was mentioned.  I don’t know what’s more shocking the ignorance, the hate or the underlying fear.  And the guy at the end who invokes the Holocaust, almost boasting, that his grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor is the most disturbing. The filmmaker responds to criticism. [ viagra prescription […]