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Surfs up

We were just spectators, but it looked fun.


OK, I think this is going a bit too far; a petition to replace the national anthem with ‘Gold‘ by Spandau Ballet in time for the 2012 Olympics – LOL it’s got over four thousand signatories. I’m just being realistic… I mean it could cause rather a lot of embarrassment.

Sporting mad

Hey we won – Olympics 2012 here we come! It’s always great to win something and I’m surprisingly excited… just not 100% convinced about the consequences…

Strawberries and Cream

Last Monday – went to Wimbledon with a couple of friends. We were in a very civilized queue for an hour and a half. Once inside the atmosphere was as good as always. I managed to get handed a couple of No. 1 Court tickets within a few minutes of entering. One of the people I was with has more chutzpah than me and managed to get us on to Centre Court without tickets at all. Unfortunately, at the first change of ends we got kicked out. We split up, two of us went off to No. 1 Court to watch a very fast game of mixed doubles with four players I’d never heard of, I’m a little bit out of it when it comes to tennis these days. Whilst chutzpah chick managed to get back on to Centre Court, still with no ticket, for the rest of the match….