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I am feeling a bit icky, why is it that it only takes one despicable person to ruin a very nice day? I was having a lovely time, working for an old client who now has a baby, so I got to make silly faces whilst I worked. And then D breaks the spell by […]

Third year

That time of year for this again. This year I was much more vocal, I even got to stand up against 4 x 4’s and was pleasantly surprised that I was not the only one, although someone did shout out what’s wrong with them and I’m proud to say I shouted the ‘environmentally unfriendly’ line […]

Days like this…

Where to start? What a day? Even pre-day; I dreamt I was crossing a big road, one with lots of lanes and I was carrying a gun, aware that the drivers were watching me to see what I would do. When I reached the other side it was actually our garden and I had to […]


Just came back from leafleting the estate; informing residents of the Gangster’s new appeal. It seems to be always an eventful experience. This time I had a lovely chat with a semi-retired biochemist (D I think they are the new winners of the longest residents award) our conversation covered hospital based infectious diseases, overdevelopment of […]

The visit

We just had our visit from the planning inspectorate for the appeal for next door. It was all very matter of fact; the inspector was not allowed to talk to us other than us pointing out factual things. It was four guys and me, when the inspector talked about the procedure for coming onto our […]

Brownfield sites

Politics here: At the moment there is a loophole in the government’s policy that allows gardens to be classed as brownfield sites, thus making it easier for developers to build on them. The developer who bought our neighbors property is trying to use this loophole to get his plans through, so unfortunately I have first […]


I’m feeling rather disenchanted with the world. Our neighbours had already put in an appeal – knowing something we didn’t? A touch of what it must be like to live in a tin pot state. The way the planning process works is that the applicant, otherwise known as the developer, even if they loose have […]

Out of this world stress…

We won – we went to the council meeting this evening and all eleven councillors voted against the application our neighbours had put in. It was simply amazing. I wanted to go and shake the hand of every single one of them. [ order viagra no prescription | where can i buy viagra | oral […]

Guy Fawkes

I was already to go out there knocking on doors again when it started raining… So instead I managed to trick myself into starting to do my tax return, it ended up consuming the rest of my afternoon, but I feel rather pleased with myself. Still have a fare bit to do, but at least […]

Cold and hungary

Well, it did turn out to be an adventure after all. I met lots of people who have been neighbours for years. I spent hours and came back rather cold. Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised to find most people were friendly. Just hoping after agreeing to do something, that they will. Simon went […]