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Went to the theatre last night.  Saw English People Very Nice at the National.  Not sure what I think about it as a whole, but thought that it’s a great starting point for lots of issues; nationalism, multiculturalism, racism and censorship.  It’s very funny and I was happy-ish to laugh through the historical take on immigration to the East End, but I was very aware that at some point when it stopped being history and started being current, that I stopped being able to laugh at the jokes and started to get a bit hot under the collar.

I really love what the National are doing at the moment in terms of making theatre affordable. And I’m not sure why perhaps because I’d been watching a bit of film-making during the day, I just got such a thrill being in the theatre. Plus I went with some lovely people and we had an interesting conversation afterwards that only got cut short because it got too late.

Note to self: see more theatre.


A Year of Magical Thinking, Vanessa redgrave as good on stage as expected, but something oddly unemotional about the writing.