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A car

I seem to have a car… S and I went to test drive it this morning – both of us thinking something was bound to be wrong.  For a few minutes I thought I heard a guy say the car wasn’t there yet, but it was and was actually in the condition I was told it was going to be in – a first in this whole saga – so yippee – doing a little dance – I have a car, well I don’t actually have it yet, but almost.  And yes there is a bit of me that is frustrated that I even need a car – but I do.

In the rain

I waited 50 minutes for my local bus yesterday…. yes, five zero minutes, it needs repeating…

MOT time

I’m actually being organized this year and doing MOT et al on time… so the car failed it’s MOT today, but only on minor things like its bumper doing a good impression of falling off and a broken light. Anyway my garage charged me £1 for a bulb and did something brilliant to the bumper so it’s horizontal again.

Catch a Prince

Prince Charles took the train today, almost like the rest of us, he did go first class, but good for him. The Tube next?

[A case of David Cameron? His car was driven down to Woking to pick him up!]


It’s been a car day. I drive around in a third hand me down, which has almost reached that point of no return. As a result of the anti-freeze let loose in the passenger seat, it failed it’s MOT with a rusted whole in the floor (scary what that stuff can do)… but all sorted now. I was hoping that I would have managed to find a new car before having to do all this (MOT, tax, insurance), but somehow the idea of looking for a car just doesn’t do anything for me. I tried not having one at all for about four years; it was incredibly stressful and exhausting. It was before I had the bike, so it was public transport or nothing and I’d spend four hours a day traveling and thanks to a very unreliable bus, never know if I’d make anything on time. I need a reliable, cheap, dog friendly, environmentally friendly as possible car – any suggestions?