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A big trip metaphorically speaking

Berlin Again

Ok this is me trying to catch up big time. Berlin, my second (recent ish) trip was as L is saying over on Facebook about cake. A Sacha Torte, a Praline Torte and a Apfelstrudel to be exact. The last being the pièce de résistance. I met an old classmate as well as L and […]

Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. Download from here. 2500 scientists from 130 countries and 6 years research. The report backs up what we* already believe, but maybe drums it in a little bit more, which can only be good. When I was in Berlin the awareness of environmental issues were everywhere, where […]

Thinking back

on 2006. So this is what I came up with for my year in 24 words: Techno leap. Braces. Finally a digital camera. Bad wrist; no exercise. Bleak House continued. Film zombie. An answer? New ancestry. Berlin. More grounded. Friends. Just rereading it now I could start adding to it, but on the whole I […]

Historical ties

I’ve just found out that I have an ancestor who in 1609 was burnt at the stake by the Portuguese Inquisition. I think that might be more information than I wanted or needed to know. [ pfizer mexico viagra | viagra pills | vipps pharmacy | generic cialis | buy cialis without a prescription | […]

Answers and questions

Well, we spoke for ages and the new, ‘new cousin’ seems very nice and really she didn’t know anything about us. I admit it, I have an odd family. It was one of those conversations where an answer would lead to another question. Not only didn’t she know about us, but she didn’t know about […]

Pandora doing her thing

So the story continues, there was a black sheep in the family; one of my grandfather’s siblings was packed off to America as a young boy in the 1920’s. I didn’t consciously know about this side until a few years ago and no one that I know has had contact with them since perhaps the […]

Berlin Selection

Berlin Selection, . [ canadian generic viagra online | cialis and canada custom | is viagra dangerous | cyalis levitra sales viagra | buy generic viagra from india | viagra facts uk | generic name for viagra | viagra non prescription | female viagra viagra woman | cialis dose | viagra how much | baby […]

Berlin days

Getting used to using a German keyboard. I got very wet on the first day and am now fighting a cold. L is giving me drugs. Yesterday, we spent the morning talking, so I rushed off late to see the German History Museum and ended up at the Rebecca Horn exhibition, a spontaneous change of […]

Berlin – First day

Faces that look oddly familiar walking down the street, dark hair, half sentenses understood, a smile on my face, chickening out of trying to use my rusty German. So far I feel comfortable, even a New York kind of comfortable, I’m thinking about that. I walked through the Brandenburg gate, which I remember stopping in […]