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Have been keeping upto date with things in London via Fox News…it´s rather addictive…they are obsessed by it all….I think we might have a slightly warped idea of what has been going on.

Wedding Days

Well I´m finally sitting down to update the site, having just arrived in Quito. I had a mad two weeks of rushing around getting everything ready for my trip and missed saying goodbye to loads of people. The weddings went really well. There was a slight misunderstanding in London involving a box of confetti, a couple of taxis and a few blisters – but all was alright in the end. Hey Z and B hope you had a good time, really glad you both made it.

The wedding in Bogota was magical. Silvia´s family were so welcoming Bogota felt like a home away from home. The wedding took place in a tiny chapel beautifully decorated with gorgeous flowers and rose petals scattered on the ground. The service – Catholic – was long…and a little odd under the circumstances – but hey! And as a godmother (along with T) I had to sign as a witness….Silva had failed to inform me about this and I did feel a bit conflicted – but as I´m a Godmother to Sarah I guess it´s a similar thing. Modernity meets tradition…and doesn´t quite fit together.

The reception afterwards was great fun… wonderful food and lot´s of salsa dancing…Alicia I should have asked for a lesson!