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Breezy Morning

Well no fox news here, kinda relieved, but also, the sign of a true addiction, am suffering withdrawal symtoms…. Haven´t made it out of the hotel yet, Ann got in really late after her flight was delayed – so she´s sleeping off the jet lag.

It´s a warm sunny day here in Quito (warmer than Bogota).

Playing catch up: We had a few days at the beach in Cartagena, on the caribbean coast. We stayed in one of those big hotels by the sea, sort of in the jungle effect, but not – Tania think St. Lucia. But what it lacked in atmosphere it made up for in having a big pool and a lovely beach – both of which were appreciated in 37 degree heat… The old city is stunning – beautiful colonial buildings, small streets and lovely squares. Walls painted orange, blue, yellow, and flowers everywhere.