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The Spencer Tracy of Broadcasting

Here’s to David Dumbledore, the wise and wizardy hero of the election – Times Online.

What I loved about ‘thirtysomething’

What I loved about ‘thirtysomething’ – Pop Candy: Unwrapping pop culture’s hip and hidden treasures.


Finally decided to see what all the fuss is about… Susan Boyle… can’t believe how many millions have been watching.  Interesting how no matter what we know, we still judge on looks.  And interesting to see the makeover… the first of many?


Wow, I haven’t watched this on TV – but what a performance… my eyes are a little moist. [via]

Paris in the ring

I should be filling you in on my holiday, but couldn’t resist posting Paris’s response to McCain’s insult. Watch out for the cheeky newscaster at the end. You couldn’t get that here could you.

Addicted to:


Really, why bother?

Just watched the Oscars.  Only a small glimpse of Jack in his seat.  Maybe two jokes from John Stewart.  No Best Foreign Film, Cinematography, Special Effects, Make-up, Short, Documentary…  Sky, please, please, if you can’t be bothered to show it, let another channel have the rights.  Please! For next year. It’s a small thing to ask.

A Classic

On the subject of Aaron Sorkin, have you been watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?  TV for grown-ups.  Please could someone explain why it got cancelled?

Fighting it out

Hillary, Barack, Hillary, Barack, McCain, Hillary…. this is actually quite exciting. Plus, I’m watching series 7 of The West Wing… Oh, but where was Aaron Sorkin?

Sarah Silverman MTV

OK, it’s late and I love Sarah Silverman, so I couldn’t resist posting this. It is rather cruel, did she know Hilton was in the audience? Look out for Jack Nicholson though, he steals the show by just being there. [should work again now].

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