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Needs some thinking about


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Festival Summer

Had a good time at Latitude. Was surprised by Brian Patten, sang along to Chrissie Hynde, couldn’t stay up for the whole of the Pet Shop Boys (I’d been up since four something) their set was amazing. Checked out Scott Mathews, Camera Obscura, and the end of Newton Faulkner. Daljit Nagra was older than I […]

And one more thing

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A Lovely Day

Thanks to everyone for making the day so wonderful. Lovely to see you all. And what weather… my first day in sandals… Good company, good food, and champagne – perfect. [ which is better viagra cialis | lowest viagra price | viagra oral gel | buying cialis on line | levitra versus viagra | buy […]

The Niece

Jumping out of a plane…. her own idea of a rite of passage… very brave. [ viagra message board | cialis canadian | viagra online cod | viagra dosages | viagra prescription | bad side effects of viagra | generic viagra on line cheap | viagra drug interaction | viagra professionsl | mapuche viagra | […]

Coming soon to change the world?

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Not just typing anymore

Flyperson just audio boo’d me… I’m in shock… you don’t have the internet for a few months and the whole world changes. [ generic viagra ok | viagra prescription uk | how to get cialis no prescription | viagra prescription label | order viagra | cialis india | viagra online sales | no prescription […]

A behind the scenes thing

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Richmond Park car park charging

OK, so it’s always been free to park in Richmond Park and now the government is proposing to start charging.  The park has pretty poor to non-existent public transport.  It’s also the place to bring bikes – A and I taught John to cycle without stabilizers  (well mostly A).  That day we had two small […]

Juice Point

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