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Skateboarding Dog

Film taken by A.  I taught my dog to skateboard when I was a kid…. she’d go up and down – but I don’t think she was ever as good as this little dog we saw at the weekend. [ oral viagra | cialis kanada | cialis next day | is viagra dangerous | purchase […]

Why haven’t you called???

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Allotment, camera, shoulder

A friend had an allotment party a couple of weeks ago… great place to go around with a camera. Plus Sandy absolutely loved it… all the nooks and crannies. She even managed to find some dog food. Only by the end of the day I couldn’t move my arm. I seem to have tendinitis in […]

Only from somewhere in America

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Dog power

Sandy went for the Postman this morning – poor guy.  Actually, I think she was only interested in the post, but it was quite comical seeing him drop the letters on the driveway and run away.  He wouldn’t believe me when I said that she was not going to hurt him, she had other things […]

Ethical Issues

Just came back from the Photographer’s – she had forgotten I don’t (didn’t) eat meat – so last night for dinner I had two organic sausages… I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, I’m a little shocked.  I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time.  Normally, I would of course have just […]

Someone has a sense of humour…

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