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Skateboarding Dog

Film taken by A.  I taught my dog to skateboard when I was a kid…. she’d go up and down – but I don’t think she was ever as good as this little dog we saw at the weekend.

Why haven’t you called???

Allotment, camera, shoulder

A friend had an allotment party a couple of weeks ago… great place to go around with a camera. Plus Sandy absolutely loved it… all the nooks and crannies. She even managed to find some dog food. Only by the end of the day I couldn’t move my arm. I seem to have tendinitis in my shoulder-argh… Lots of ice needed.

Only from somewhere in America

Dog power

Sandy went for the Postman this morning – poor guy.  Actually, I think she was only interested in the post, but it was quite comical seeing him drop the letters on the driveway and run away.  He wouldn’t believe me when I said that she was not going to hurt him, she had other things on her mind, like the prospect of her morning check out of the neighborhood.

Ethical Issues

Just came back from the Photographer’s – she had forgotten I don’t (didn’t) eat meat – so last night for dinner I had two organic sausages… I’m not quite sure how I feel about this, I’m a little shocked.  I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time.  Normally, I would of course have just eaten something else, but I think with the anaemia dragging on and on I just put my ethical issues aside (and they were organic bought from a farmers market in Suffolk) in the hope that it might make a difference. Not sure where I go from here though.

Someone has a sense of humour…

Want to buy a Mulberry carrier bag – it’s for sale on ebay. Yours for £1.99.